In the world without walls and fences, who need Windows and Gates?:)

Curiosity — the main reason that urged me to explore outside the box.

Information and technology is too mainstream that it had been available to everyone. It’s like the lunch box made by my mom when I was still in grade school — it’s pack with everything I need, and if I’m lucky, i’ll get a box of candy with assorted flavors.But since technology grew way too fast, I then realized that somehow, I could enjoy it better if I would be able to ride with its fast changing phase.
College came. I was allowed to pick the course I want and I was so lucky to have found Computer Engineering since I was inspired by how engineers think and I also like to be one of the Computer intellects.

Now, windows used to be my food; the only food I  am capable of digesting. ’twas the one thing that I am able to use since I know of computers. I play with it and thought nothing could compare to its ‘superiority’. But then, as I grew with the course I took, I came to  explore it enough that I could say I almost knew every about it. I was able to prove that last year in my internship at a BPO company which was ofcourse filled with lots of computers which we need to maintain. Yes, it’s a job but then again, it’s a privilege to explore and play with so i learned a lot about it. Then, the part where you search for something different came. I became too busy with learning windows that I fail to realize that there are so much things I need to know. Things that are available for me to learn but failed to do so because of the limited resources I have.  So in my second internship, I came to taste another flavor that arouses with the demand of almost all of the companies my course is compatible with. I mean, only few know Linux and most of them are already computer intellects. Since I want to know more of something others don’t, I came to pick a company that could fill me with the knowledge I crave while being an intern.
In here, learned how Linux began, it’s main thought/ why the author made this, how it works technically and how to make a program with it.
Yes, we all know that it was made by Linus Torvalds but what we don’t know is why did he came up with the idea of creating an Open Source Operating System. I mean, at first I thought that because it’s an open source, how would he be able to get rich with his work? Then I realized that it was something Bill Gates made me and others think of. It was like you can only acquire this certain knowledge if you buy it which would be greater if shared freely.
Operating Linux required a certain amount of technical acumen; it was not as easy to use as more popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, or IBM’s OS/2. Because its volunteer developers prided themselves on the quality of their work, however, Linux evolved into a remarkably reliable, efficient system that rarely crashed. You see, you get it for free and at the same time, you are pushed to explore and learn it because without doing so, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy using it.

The last internship I had gave me the opportunity to learn more of the ‘hardware’ part of computers so now, I wanted to know more of the ‘software’ part and that was when the company assigned me to the ‘Development Department’. At first, I was afraid for they might expect a lot from me but I don’t really know more about it. I fear to fail their expectations not knowing that it was the other way around. My mentor/boss thought me the basics of programming–from scratch. Oh dear it was so fun! I had my backbone with it so it became easier for me to explore it on my own.

The company was great! And I can say that it is because of the people running it. From the CEO to the house keeper, they all made the company comfortable to work to. To give a brief description on how they made my stay enjoyable, ofcourse I would direct it with Engr. Meric Mara– the CEO of 8Layer Technologies. Unlike any other CEOs, he was the one whom you could play jokes with. Someone willing to share his knowledge to anyone as long as he thinks it would help him. He could joke around and laugh as if there’s nothing to worry about, he makes you think everything’s OK and that you don’t need to put pressure on yourself and on your work. And because of him, everyone feels like more of a companion rather than a horrible boss. If the company was the tree and he was the root, therefore, the fruit/employees are healthy and sweet.

Being able to study at a state university, we are limited with so many things which taught us lots of morals. It might sound good and bad at the same time– bad for us students because we can’t have the luxury of consuming information because it is not readily available but it is also good because we find ways to learn it on our own. It is something that greatly help us on the outside world. Students from other universities may acquire the same knowledge we have but they might not be able to use it to the fullest because they don’t know how to enjoy the things that gave you a hard time to acquire.

I remember getting my first project. Sir Rey, my mentor told me to create a web page like that of a certain  site to prove that I had learned from what he taught me. It was really astonishing because it was my second day with him as my mentor and exciting at the same time. I thought he trust me that much and believed that I could do it because creating a site that’s made by a pro for only 3 days was really something. But then again, I made it! That was when company projects flew their way to my hands. It was hard and great!

Being a Linux user is sort of like living in a house inhabited by a large family of carpenters and architects. Every morning when you wake up, the house is a little different. Maybe there is a new turret, or some walls have moved. Or perhaps someone has temporarily removed the floor under your bed.

8Layer Tech

It’s nice to work with the people you love