Trend Micro Titanium 5.0 review

Trend Micro Titanium 5.0 consists of antivirus of different levels that is meant either for simple scanning or PC cleaning, web security and businesses that require security from all types of PC or web threats.

It protects your machine from viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, pharming, phishing, malicious cookies, botnets and even rootkits. Is not intrusive, eliminates fake antivirus or those malwares posing as antivirus software and blocks email and image spam.

But what’s best nice about the product is that it is user friendly; easy to navigate/understand, and keeps your PC from hackers, keyloggers and other real-time threats because of its in-the-cloud technology which updates every three hours. It is lightweight, thus, keeping your system running without compromising its speed and performance.

Titanium 5.0 offers several applications bundled on your antivirus when you purchase it such as:Trend Micro Mobile Security for android and symbian OS. It keeps your other devices, no just your PC from harmful application and malwares. If trend micro have an app for android and symbian, ofcourse they also have safe surfing for mac; so as to keep mac users from harmful sites. Data theft—an application which prevents you from sharing private information to the web or keeps you from hackers. Another is the Web threat protection which protects you from malicious web sites and allows you to do safe search.  Antispam detects if the message sent to you contains malicious files or was sent to multiple receivers. They also have an application for parents: the Parental control. In here, parents are able to block sites that they don’t want their children to visit or they could also limit the surfing time of their child. Temporary or not so important files, and applications can cause your machine’s performance to slow down, therefore, Trend micro came up with a user friendly application such as System Tuner. It allows the user to clean their machine without doing many and difficult instructions. They also have the Secure Erase; an application that overwrites your data one to seven times, depending on your preference to guarantee that the file won’t be recovered by any means. Speaking of guarantee, there is also the Trend micro Vault that acts as a regular vault wherein you get to hide confidential files that only you can access. And land but not the least is the Safe Sync. It lets you store documents in the cloud for you to be able to access it anytime and anywhere.

Trend Micro is not your ordinary antivirus that focus only on cleaning and prevention of infection but it also give you the satisfaction and assurance that you are well protected and secured in so many different ways.